Increasing Canada Job vacancies show high demand in the workforce.

Canada Job Vacancies

It is worth mentioning the current job scenario in Canada as according to the Labour Force Survey for May 2022 there is a growing labor shortage in several industries. This has shown an increasing demand for immigration to Canada as a major part of Canada’s workforce ages and enters retirement. Fewer people are eager to […]

Is it easy to get a work permit in Canada as an IT Professional?

Work permit for IT Professional in Canada

The tech sector is always the most sorted-after industry as this is the age of the internet and global connectivity. Information Technology has become an inevitable tool that has become the backbone of the success of every other industry whether it’s production, supply chain, hospitality, or even in the political arena. The global economy seems […]

What is the difference between a lawyer and a consultant?

Two types of professionals are allowed to represent people before the immigration authorities: Licensed lawyers Licensed immigration consultants. Lawyers are licensed by provincial law societies, which are private organizations mandated by the government to regulate the legal profession. Each province has their own separate provincial lawyer regulating body. In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper […]