Express Entry: Improving Your CRS score & Ranking

If you’ve submitted your Express Entry profile and your CRS score is lower than you’d like, you have options for improving your score.

1. Language : Extra points are accumulated for each improvement in test results across the four language abilities (speaking, listening, reading, writing). And If you ever studied French at school, or otherwise have a decent knowledge of the language, it may be wise to consider preparing to take the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF).

2. work experience : if you have less than three years of full-time experience continue your work. If you are in Canada maintain your legal status.

3. Education : If you do not have a masters degree of post graduation diploma after your Bachelors, you can continue your study to next level to improve your CRS.

4. Spouse : Candidates with a spouse, however, may have additional potential for improving their CRS score because the spouses level of education, language ability, and Canadian work experience may all be rewarded. Let your spouse complete the ECA & score in IELTS

5. Provincial Nominee Programs: If you get a nomination from a province, 600 points additionally add towards your CRS and you will be invited in the next draw

6. Job Offer : If you can arrange a job offer from Canadian employer, you will easily earn 50 points additionally