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M&G Immigration and Study Abroad Consultants is an organization, working closely with a team of lawyers in Canada who are licensed to represent clients for all types of visas and our lawyers have special authorization to represent clients interested in Quebec migration. We have been in the practice of immigration and study abroad industry for the past ten years. We are associated with Mathew & Gupta Barristers and Solicitors, a law firm based in Toronto, Canada. Students aspiring to study and settle in Canada will have our lawyers support from Toronto to secure their permanent residence, work permit and in any legal matters. M&G is also associated with a Registered Migration Agent (MARA) from Australia to represent our clients who wish to migrate and settle in Australia.

Our Lawyers and Migrations Agents Details

Judy Mathew JD
University of Toronto
Judy Mathew is a practicing lawyer in Canada and partner of the law firm, Mathew & Gupta, Barristers and Solicitors based in Toronto. She completed her Juris Doctoral (JD) degree in Law at the University of Toronto, through the National Committee on Accreditation. She also holds an L.L.B law degree from the Mahatma Gandhi University in India. As a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Bar Association, Judy is licensed to practice law within the province of Ontario. She also has special authorization from the Quebec Bar Association to practice immigration law in Quebec. Judy is an enthusiastic and a well-versed lawyer with specialized knowledge and expertise in immigration law. Her commitment and support are invaluable. She has experience in managing a range of clients across different industries, assisting businesses to reach their objectives and working collaboratively to streamline the visa process for businesses and individuals. She is the sister of Justin Mathew, Owner and CEO of M&G.

Arvin Ashley Gupta, JD
University of Toronto
Arvin Ashley Gupta is a licensed lawyer in Ontario and partner of Mathew & Gupta Barristers and Solicitors. He completed his Juris Doctoral Law degree in addition to a Masters in Criminology at the University of Toronto, where upon he began the practice of law in the areas of personal injury, real estate, and immigration. Arvin has appeared before several levels of court and tribunals, including conducting arbitrations, trials, and appeals. He is an incredibly well-read person with in-depth knowledge of immigration law.

Gladwin Poduthas
MARA Agent
M&G is assisting clients who wish to migrate and settle in Australia via its association with Direct Migration Alliance Registered agent, Mr Gladwin Poduthas (MARA agent). He is a hardworking person, settled in Australia. His has extensive knowledge in immigration to help our clients to settle in Australia. He is an individual who gives full effort in each file that he handles. Gladwin assists clients to determine the most suitable visa pathway and works with them through to visa completion, ensuring the process is seamless, parties remain informed, and all risks and expectations are clearly communicated.Our team of lawyers, Migration Agents, counsellors, admission and visa team are highly dedicated professionals who are devoted to provide you with the most accurate immigration advice and in helping you choose the right program of study for a better future. We take great effort to help you to select the right path to enter into this competitive world.We specialize in all types of migration visa applications to Canada and Australia.M&G’s experienced country wise Managers, counsellors, application and visa team members offers students a wide range of programs to choose from different universities and colleges across the world. M&G in association with GEEBEE Education services, one of the India’s leading educational consultancy and with more than 20 years of experience in the study abroad industry is authorized to represent more than 650 plus Universities/colleges in 15 different countriesWe here at M&G provides all the advices and guidelines to secure Permanent Residency for students planning to settle abroad after their higher education in respective countries. Our Lawyers and migration agents will help our student with the right advice from their offices in Canada, Australia and NZ.We provide ethical, dependable, and high-volume Immigration advice and processing services. Our work is characterised by high-quality people-driven service, use of cutting-edge technology, and continual innovation. We are extremely glad that the majority of our clients are from referrals.

Lawyer 1: (Judy Mathew)
License Number : 56279 D
Lawyer 2:(Arvin Ashley Gupta)
License Number : 56084 O

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Australia: License Details of our MARA Agent

Mr Gladwin Poduthas – MARA # 1797477
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What is the difference between a lawyer and a consultant?

Two types of professionals are allowed to represent people before the immigration authorities:

  • Licensed lawyers
  • Licensed immigration consultants.

Lawyers are licensed by provincial law societies, which are private organizations mandated by the government to regulate the legal profession. Each province has their own separate provincial lawyer regulating body. In Ontario, the Law Society of Upper Canada licenses and regulates lawyers. Immigration consultants are regulated by a national organization called the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This is a private organization mandated by the government to regulate immigration consultants. Both lawyers and consultants are therefore licensed and regulated by governing bodies that are in turn authorized by the government, either provincially or federally. The main difference between lawyers and consultants is educational. Lawyers have to complete a rigorous three-year law degree and a period of articling with a law firm before they may obtain a license. Prior to obtaining a law degree, and as a prerequisite to entering law school, lawyers usually obtain an undergraduate university degree. Becoming a lawyer therefore usually entails an education of at least seven years in duration. In comparison, immigration consultants must complete a college program of approximately one year in duration with no prior requirements and no articling component. The result is that lawyers will generally be better educated and have a much better understanding of the law than immigration consultants. Another major difference between lawyers and consultants is that only lawyers may appear before the Federal Court. Lawyers are barristers and as such have the authority to appear before the courts, whereas consultants do not. Generally speaking, when it comes to any type of immigration appeal or hearing, whether it is before the Federal Court or the Immigration and Refugee Board, lawyers are much better equipped to represent clients due to their more in-depth legal training.As a word of caution, those seeking the assistance of an immigration professional to assist them with their case should take care to ensure that the person they retain is properly licensed and is in good standing with their regulatory body. This can be ascertained by visiting the website of the relevant licensing body, or by emailing them.

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