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4 things you can do to protect yourself from Canada Immigration Application Backlog.
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Ask any Canada Immigration Consultant and you are sure to learn that Canada has always been the perfect choice for many to migrate to especially for skilled workers and will continue to be so for the coming
many years. One of the many reasons why skilled workers choose Canada as their most preferred destination is due to its pro-immigration policies,process transparencies, and merit metric immigration programs run by the
government of Canada. More specifically there are no quotas, caps, or limits and all the processes are very quickly without any delays.
Though the immigration process has been simple and quick the same has seen a downside mainly due to the massive disruptions caused by the Covid pandemic. This has significantly increased the backlog of immigration applications and hence delays in the entire process. The government of Canada is aware of this and many steps have been taken to deal with this backlog which also includes more funding to immigration authorities. According to the latest reports, the backlog of applications that were pending processing had seen a steep rise from 1.913 million to 1.844
million in just a matter of 3 months. This data is based on the numbers from December’21 to March 22.

It is also learned that the situation won’t see any immediate improvements for the simple reason being that Canada is facing a huge shortage of skilled workers as the country reopened its economy after the pandemic. In such scenarios, it becomes imperative to think of ways to tackle this situation and ensure that your dreams of studying or working in Canada are not affected in any way. Let us jump in and evaluate 4 possible things you can do to safeguard yourself from this backlog problem.

Avoid Errors in your Application
Your application has to be processed without any hiccups and that should always be the game plan. One of the worst situations that can happen is when your processing is hampered due to any mistakes or errors in your application. Once you have errors in your application then you will have to start the entire process right from scratch and that is one thing you need to avoid. Zeros error has to be the aim. Check on all your necessary documents and transcripts along with all the necessary updations in your educational qualifications or even changes in your family. Ensure that you have the necessary language test results and it is valid throughout the application process.

Always keep in mind the worst-case scenario
If you are a student wishing to study in Canada then the last thing you would want to happen is a delay to join college because your study permit was not processed in time. Always plan for the worst-case situation and presume that Canada has a huge backlog of applications to be processed. This way chances for any errors are kept to the minimum.

Fast-Track is an Option

Keep a watch on the various fast-track options available at the time of submitting your application. Check out if there are any pilot programs like occupation-specific pilots in Saskatchewan and Quebec or the Altanti Immigration program that can be a way to move to Canada faster. This won’t be a perfect choice but in case this can help you get the right choice and get your work permit or PR faster then it is good.

Always consult with an Immigration Consultant
And to end it all one of the most important things you need to be doing right from the beginning is to consult with an Immigration Consultant. To avoid all application errors and to make things work in the best possible way quickly is that you get in touch with an expert in the field. It is surely not advisable to do everything on your own and this is not something that you are accustomed to.
Hence an immigration attorney who has been handling many applications for a long time is the best bet for you to smoothly take you through your journey of the entire immigration process.

Final Thoughts
Migrating to Canada might be your dream but it has to be in the smoothest way possible. No one would want to go through hindrances in particular given the current situation of application process backlogs. Let M&G, one of the best Immigration & Study Abroad consultants take care of all the hassles so that you can fly to Canada as soon as possible.