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Germany officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 states and is Europe’s largest economy. About 12% of the population in Germany mainly consists of Immigrants. With the best education and living conditions, Germany is soon turning out to be one of the most popular destinations for students wanting to pursue higher studies abroad. Germany has a social market economy constituting mainly of highly skilled workforce, large capital, low corruption and high level of innovation. Germany is Europe’s largest and most powerful economy. Germany advocates on closer European economic and political amalgamation. Germany is recognized for small and medium industries. Of the World’s Fortune 500 companies, 37 are located in Germany. Being positioned centrally in Europe, Germany is a transport hub with dense and modern transport networks. Germany has made significant achievements in Research and development which forms an integral part of the economy. Germany is one of the leading countries to develop and use green technology consisting mainly of power generation, sustainable mobility, material efficiency, energy efficiency, waste management and recycling and sustainable water management.

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