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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kerala

One of the largest destinations to migrate overseas today is Canada especially when it is from India. According to the latest statistics, Canada which plans to admit a record of 432,000 new immigrants in 2022 seems all set to hit the target as the country has already welcomed 108,000 newcomers in the very first quarter of the year. It is also worthwhile to know that Indians are the top immigrant group to take up residence in Canada and the numbers are showing an upward trend. In 2021, there were 100,000 Indians who became permanent residents of Canada as the country admitted 405,000 new immigrants in its history. The country being cosmopolitan in nature and with high quality of life, a stable economy, it makes the best country to live in. The country has rightly opened up its doors to individuals with the right skills and talent to give the country a distinctive edge on the global platform.


Over the coming three years, Canada will target the following number of new immigrant landings:

  • 2022: 431,645 Permanent Residents
  • 2023: 447,055 Permanent Residents
  • 2024: 451,000 Permanent Residents


Canada Immigration

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Why M&G?

Aspirations to migrate to Canada meet dead ends for many as they find the entire visa application process tedious, time consuming and complicated. Thats where M&G can be a major game changer in helping you achieve your dreams of going to Canada. With many years of experience and a solid team of experts who have deep knowledge about immigration laws M&G has established itself as one of the Best Canada Immigration consultants in Kerala. We work closely with a team of lawyers in Canada who are licensed to represent clients for all types of visas and our lawyers have special authorization to represent clients interested in Quebec migration. As an expert in Canada Immigration we provide services in all migration programs as Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Workers, Provincial Nominee, Family Sponsorship and more.

As part of our Immigration Services to Canada we offer a comprehensive package with professional counselling sessions from our experienced Immigration Counsellors.

  • Detailed Assessment of your eligibility based on the essential factors as your education, work experience, your CRS Score etc.
  • We then identify the best suitable immigration pathway after learning your qualifications, priorities.
  • After a complete assessment we will brief you of all the options and the various ways you can improve your chances of getting an immigration visa.
  • Once we are set with the choice our professionals will help you to apply for immigration ensuring zero mistakes ,omissions, or misrepresentations.
  • Offering legal assistance if the candidate wants to appeal against the rejection or refusal of their immigration application.
  • Our major strength is our ability to provide clients with the legal assistance via our qualified legal team who are authorized to represent our candidate for appeals against the rejection or refusals of immigration applications.


Our Immigration Legal Team, Canada


Barrister & Solicitor

Arvin Ashely (Barrister & Solicitor) graduated with his Juris Doctorate (JD) and M.A in Criminology from University in Toronto, where upon he began the practice of law in the area of personal injury, real estate and Immigration. He has special authorization from Quebec Bar Association to practice Immigration law in Quebec.


Barrister & Solicitor

Judy Mathew (Barrister & Solicitor) completed her Law Degree in Canada through the National Committee on Accreditation from University of Toronto. She began her practice of law in the area of personal injury, real estate and Immigration. She is a member with the law Society of Upper Canada and the Ontario Bar Association. She has special authorization to practice Immigration law in Quebec.

Frequently asked Questions?

What is Canada for Skilled Workers, Businesspeople & International Students?

Based on its’ all-inclusive immigration policy, Canada has something to offer to every immigrant, despite their class, category, and occupation. The immigration influx in Canada is categorized into three; Skilled Worker, Businessmen and Investors, and International Students. Though the family immigration is also there to add on the immigration numbers, the other three have got the majority in the annual migration in Canada.

What are the mandatory requirements for Canadian Immigration?

In accordance with the types of visa categories, the Immigration requirements for Canada may vary. However, there are specific basic and requirements, which are quite common for almost all the Immigration programs in Canada. The general requirements for immigration to Canada through Express Entry, QSWP, PNP, and various other immigration programs are as follows:
1. Language Proficiency.
2. Education
3. Work Experience
4. Medical Exams and Security checks.

How long does it take to immigrate to Canada?

The total visa processing time is the time taken for the entire process- i.e., from initial submission to visa approval. The answer is somewhat tricky, as the processing time always depends on the type of visa category or the immigration program you are applying for. However, the phase is not at all daunting, if you take proper assistance or support from reliable lending hands of an efficient Immigration lawyer/ consultancy firm, who initiates and completes all the process like your ECA, application submission. documentation, etc. within the prescribed time.

How does the Canadian Immigration points system work?

While applying for Immigration, the candidate will come across a comprehensive ranking system that allocates points for various elements of your profile, i.e. Education, Age, Work Experience, Language Proficiency and so on. However, this allocation of points varies as per the program you are applying.

Why your CRS score is important?

The CRS points are based on some demographic factors such as education, age, language proficiency, and work experience. In a nutshell, higher the total scored points, higher the possibility of immigration. If the profile of proposed candidate can achieve the qualifying marks required for a particular immigration program, they become eligible to receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent residence.