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Actionable tips to increase CRS scores for Express Entry Candidates.
Actionable tips to increase CRS scores for Express Entry Candidates


Thinking of migrating to Canada then you should be aware of the Express Entry Immigration System which the Government of Canada launched in 2015 and has a very competitive score method. Any candidate who has scored the highest CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System scores based on their profile in the express entry pool will receive the invitation to apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent residency.

If you are one of the many who have an active Express Entry profile and are still waiting to receive an invitation then it’s time to work on bettering your CRS score rather than waiting for the points to drop. Determination goes a long way in accomplishing your dreams and if you are keen to move to Canada permanently through express entry then there are many options to improve your CRS score over the long run.

Let us take a look at some of the key elements that you can work on to improve your CRS scores and thereby increase your chances of getting an ITR.

Work on increasing your English Language Score(IELTS):
As you all know IELTS is one of the fundamental requirements in the migration process and yes it is one of the easiest ways to increase your CRS scores. If you can score Canadian benchmark CLB 9 in the English language test then you will be eligible to get a direct 136 points along with it a 100 points in skill transferability. This means there is no doubt your English language can be a very important contributor to improving your CRS scores.

Make an application with your spouse:
Submitting your application with your spouse is another excellent way to increase your CRS scores as your spouse can contribute points. For example, if you decide to add a spouse to your application for language ability then she will contribute up to 20 additional points and another 10 points for education.

Do you speak a second language?
Under the CRS system, you can get points not only for your proficiency in English but also for your French skills. Therefore, if you think are capable of communicating in both languages mentioned above, then please make sure that you sit for an approved language test to ensure that you are claiming all the points that are available in the language factor. Candidates who are bilingual are eligible for bonus points in certain PNP streams which are only available for French speakers. Hence you stand a chance to improve your CRS score when you are competent in both English and French.

Have a Job Offer?
A straight 50 points are awarded for those who have a valid job offer in the skill level O, A, or B in the national occupational list. All you need to do is enlist in the various employment opportunity portals in Canada and find a valid job offer.

Have you got any siblings in Canada?
Do you have any blood relations living in Canada? If you have any brother or sister currently in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident of the country and above 18 years of age then straight off you are eligible to add
on 15 points to your CRS scores.

Get a Canadian Education:
Another excellent idea if nothing is working out for you is to pursue a study program in Canada for a period of one or two years. Studying in Canada means you can apply for a Canadian experience class and studying and working in Canada can also add on extra points. Also if you are married your spouse can apply for an Open Work permit Visa enabling your spouse to be able to work full time in Canada.

Do you have an additional qualification?
Adding an additional Masters’ degree or any other PG Diploma course of one or two years can add some points to your profile after your educational credentials assessments.

Consider retaking your IELTS Test:
Retaking your IELTS Test to maximize your points based on your language proficiency through the approved test can also be considered a valid option. You can aim for this option which can be an essential tip to get your Express Entry profile position higher in the competitive range.
The above-mentioned are some of the options available to increase your CRS scores that can be worked upon. If you are eligible and qualified for immigrating to Canada we can help you with your journey to accomplishing your dreams of moving to Canada. Get in touch with our Immigration experts for complete assistance and guidance.