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Study Abroad: 7592033333 | 7592044444

Immigration : 8594022222 | 8594033333

Canadians agree immigration makes Canada a better country!


Over the years Canadians have accepted that immigrants are good for the economy and not a threat to Canadian jobs. They are now comfortable with current immigration levels & believe that immigration is essential to growing the country’s population.

These are findings of a recent public opinion survey of the Environics Institute – a non-profit organization that promotes original social research on issues of public policy and social change. Nearly 2,000 Canadians were interviewed telephonically between September 8 and 23, 2020 for the survey.

Survey results reveal that by a five-to-one margin, Canadians believe that immigration makes Canada a better country, and a more diverse and multicultural place to live!

 Albertans, people with lower household incomes, and first-generation Canadians are having a shift in opinion towards the positive. This is also most widespread in Atlantic Canada, and Canadians with high levels of education and income.

 66% of Canadians aged 18 to 24 disagree that immigration levels are too high while 67% of Canadians aged 45 and over disagree with the statement.

Half of Canadians agree immigration is needed for population growth: More than 56% of respondents agreed that Canada needs more immigration to increase its population. 36% disagreed and 7% have no clear opinion.

Most Canadians (nearly 84%) agree immigration is positive for the economy. about 78 percent of Canadians disagree that immigrants take away jobs from other Canadians.

Canada’s economy is poised at a point when it needs all the help it can get! This depends on making space for newcomers, especially this year. This growing support for immigration may be in part a response to the CoronaVirus pandemic, or a reaction to political instability in the U.S. 71% of Canadians say they are in favour of Canada taking in skilled immigrants who are denied entry into the U.S.

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