Immigration : 8594022222 | 8594033333

Study Abroad: 7592033333 | 7592044444

Study Abroad: 7592033333 | 7592044444

Immigration : 8594022222 | 8594033333

IRCC guidance for Canada students planning to start their classes online from September 2020 onwards.


Stage 1.

  • Students will begin to see AIP’s (Approval in principle) from next week. Visa officers in India and some officers in Canada will begin issuing these.  
  • SDS applications are faster to process as have all documents required on the SDS checklist. If they do not, these applications will be transferred to the NON-SDS stream.  
  • IRCC will accept Study Permit applications until September 15, 2020, for the Fall 2020 semester. 
  • Student can start their program online from India with an AIP.  
  • Also, students can start their program online from India without an AIP, however from the time they begin their program online to the time they get an AIP that period will be deducted from their PGWP.  
  • Students who cannot prove that a physical presence is required in Canada will be denied entry to Canada.  
  • Students can apply for their Study Permit via NON-SDS with another  English test. i.e.  IELTS, TOEFL, PTE only. 

Stage 2.

  • Refusals are low unless i.e: there has been fraud or criminal activity or medical conditional specifically tuberculosis. 
  • QUARANTINE – 14 days upon arrival in Canada. Evidence such as an address, explaining if other people are in the house/apartment how you plan to quarantine, how you plan to get your food, others. Detailed proof in your plan


IRCC will also not accept Duolingo, TOEFL online or the IELTS Indicator under SDS or non-SDS. 

Under non-SDS-Only tests taken in person which are verifiable by IRCC i.e: IELTS, PTE, TOEFL are accepted.