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Is it easy to get a work permit in Canada as an IT Professional?
Work permit for IT Professional in Canada


The tech sector is always the most sorted-after industry as this is the age of the internet and global connectivity. Information Technology has become an inevitable tool that has become the backbone of the success of every other industry whether it’s production, supply chain, hospitality, or even in the political arena. The global economy seems to be driven by developments in the tech world. Hence it’s quite certain that many countries have understood this and started investing in implementing technology for the betterment of their economies and governance.

Canada seems to have picked up the importance of technology and understood how important the tech sector is to the development of the Canadian economy. According to the latest survey reports, Canada’s technology industry is a major economic driver and continues to expand immensely. As the world is inching toward a digital economy it is imperative to say that technology-based companies have begun to drive the gross domestic product (GDP) that has enabled them in providing high-paying jobs. This has largely influenced the Canadian government budgets and the Canadian tech sector had been projected to have allocated at least $20 billion towards innovation in the year 2020.

Of the top tech markets in North America, four Canadian cities appear in the top 20, with Toronto coming in fourth place. Toronto has been able to add 66,900 technology sector jobs in the last five years, the second-most of any North American city at the same time.

With these numbers as evidence of the progressive thinking the country has towards the implementation of technology in their overall progress the global tech talent in Canada is showing a high upward trend. The global tech talent in Canada is high in demand and hence the IT professionals stand an extremely promising time in the present and the near future.

This kind of importance of the tech sector to the country’s economy has brought out urgent measures in offering fast traking work permit processing to the sector.

To give you a run-through on the various options IT professionals can have we have listed out the work permit options an IT professional can take as the Canadian government accelerates the processing of these permits.

The following are the main work permits for an IT Professional.

Global Talent Stream:
This stream is meant to help Canadian employers to hire foreign tech talents and it enables certain skilled workers to obtain a work permit within two weeks of applying. In this stream certain IT professionals may qualify for an expeditated and facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), for example, occupations like Software Engineers and Designers, Computer Programmers, Information Systems Analysts, and Computer or Systems Managers.

CUSMA Professionals:
Under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement, there is a list of around 60 occupations that qualify for a facilitated work permit called a CUSMA professional work permit. In this work permit, the employer is not obligated to obtain an LMIA and hence can bring foreign workers to Canada in significantly less time.

Intra-Company Transferees:
This is another work permit that does not require an LMIA. The only eligibility requirement is that the foreign worker must be employed with a company abroad for a year and there must be a qualifying relationship between the two companies for example being an affiliate, subsidiary, or branch.

As the country has put in strong developmental frameworks and set the path to bring in more IT professionals from abroad it is the best time if you are an IT professional to migrate to Canada.

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