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What’s in store for Canadian immigration for the next few months?
What’s in store for Canadian immigration for the next few months


Check out the latest on Canadian immigration! Canada is on a drive to raise immigration levels & clear backlogs. According to the current state of Canadian immigration, two things are very much apparent:

❖ Immigrants have proven themselves to be indispensable members of Canadian society throughout the ongoing pandemic. The huge demand for workers in the short- and long-term run means immigration to Canada is to be prioritised to improve Canada’s economy!

❖ Yes, there is a large backlog of permanent residence applications waiting to be processed by the government. Since February 2020, the backlog nearly doubled, from 375,000 to 700,000. Adding to that are hundreds of thousands of additional backlogged applications for temporary residence and citizenship.

What to expect in the months ahead?
The new Immigration Minister of Canada, Sean Fraser, in a recent interview with Bloomberg News stated that he’s open to increasing immigration levels above the 411,000 new permanent residents defined in the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan.

The Minister’s comments were echoed by the Governor General of Canada in the throne Speech at the beginning of the new session of parliament. The Canadian Government will continue increasing immigration levels and reducing wait times for the aspiring immigrants. Delivering a world leading refugee resettlement program is planned all
the while supporting family reunification. All this leads to the fact that high levels of immigration remain a priority for the government. Nevertheless, in spite of having expectations for higher immigration targets, Canada’s immigration department is struggling to cope up with the applications it’s already received. Canada’s immigrant policies and travel restrictions are constantly changing. Ensure that you’re up to date with the latest developments. Contact us at M&G, the best consultants for immigration to Canada.