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Ebbin Jose - Food N Travel


Ebbin Jose a very familiar Youtuber from Kerala is quite famous as a Travel and Food Vlogger. He is a very well-known figure best known for his extremely enthusiastic presentation about various Food and local cuisines all across Kerala through his channel Food N Travel.

Ebbin Jose visited our Kochi Office to get to know more about the various opportunities that are there if one needs to migrate abroad either for future studies or a job and how GeeBee Education can help in achieving such aspirations. Here is the entire coverage done by him which gives a detailed review of the various services offered.

We also have an Education fair coming up on 4th December 2022 (Sunday) in Kochi. For more details, you can contact us at 04847196818 or register for free at 

For the upcoming education fair delegates from Australian Universities and New Zealand Universities are coming down to Kochi.