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Canada opens its doors to students and families


Canada has instigated new travel measures for families and students to migrate to Canada! On Friday, October 2 nd 2020 Canada's ministers for immigration, health, and public safety announced the easing of travel restrictions to Canada for family members, study permit holders, and people entering on compassionate grounds. The Canadian Federal Government is all set to welcome more immigrants to fuel economic growth of the country.

International students who have enrolled at a Canadian designated learning institution will be able to enter Canada so long as their DLI has a COVID-19 readiness plan effective October 20 th . This plan has to be vetted by the province or territory that the DLI is located in.

Beginning on October 8 th extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be able to enter Canada as well. The extended family includes those who are in exclusive long-term relationships, dependent children, adult children, siblings, and grandparents. Extended family members must apply for authorization and obtain it before they can enter Canada. IRCC has announced that detailed information will be provided on its website on October 8 th .

Earlier Canada had exempted immediate family members like spousesor common-law partners, dependent children, dependent children of dependent children, parents and step-parents, including in-laws and guardians or tutors. Since Canada expedited spousal sponsorship applications, processing has increased to 6,000 applications per month.

Foreign nationals can apply entry for compassionate reasons like travelling to Canada to attend a funeral, among various other reasons. All incoming travellers must self-quarantine for 14 days upon entering Canada.

Canada also exempts restrictions to students from the U.S. However,until October 20 th , students are allowed to travel to Canada only if their program requires in-class participation like labs or workshops. Otherwise classes need to be done online.

Some individuals’ entry to Canada for essential reasons like working in Canada or to reunite with a close family member like their partner continue to be exempt from the coronavirus travel restrictions.

Canada’s immigration system continues to operate

Even though Canada has recently seen a spike in COVID-19 cases after its initial success in reducing its infections, Canada continues to hold Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec draws to immigrate to Canada. This is done so that immigrants can arrive in Canada after the pandemic to support the economy.

The last three Express Entry draws, which took place during bi-weekly intervals in September are said to be the second largest in history. A total of 12,600 Canada immigration invitations were issued to successful candidates. B.C. and Quebec also held their biggest draws of 2020 earlier this week.

The Immigration Minister of Canada Mr. Mendicino is likely to announce Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023 by Friday, October 30 th .The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also issue a new mandate letter with guidance on what immigration policy issues to prioritize over thecoming years.

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