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Canadian experience continues to be a game changer for Express Entry Draws!


In the recent Express Entry draw held on May 20 th , 2021, a total of 1,842
candidates were issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian
Experience Class (CEC) candidates. The Comprehensive Ranking
System (CRS) score cut-off threshold for this draw was 397 points. The
CRS score cut-off has remained at historically low levels and the tie-
breaking rule was applied to profiles submitted after April 24, 2021 at
12:09:24 UTC.
The Express Entry Draw came only one week after the previous draw,
breaking away from usual patterns. With the ongoing Covid -19
pandemic and travel restrictions in place, Canada is giving priority to
Express Entry candidates who are already living and working in Canada.
As Canada continues to battle its third-wave of COVID-19 infections,
Canadian provinces have enforced new strict measures to stop the
surge of infections and it is getting good results. Canadian government
has successfully conducted its vaccination drive and nearly 50 percent of
the population have now received at least one dose. It will be followed by
full vaccination by September.
Express Entry draws in 2021 have been restricted to candidates from the
Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or from a Provincial Nominee
Program (PNP). With this Canadian government could ensure there will
be no delays by COVID-19 travel restrictions for the candidates as they
are already in Canada. Apart from that, the Canadian government has
recently launched six new pathways to PR that will accept more than
90,000 essential workers and graduates who are working in Canada.
This further secures the government’s prioritization of in-Canada
applicants during the pandemic.
In the near future, It is possible that once COVID-19 infection rates will
fall, Canada will begin to lift travel restrictions. Then the Express Entry
draws may start to be more inclusive of candidates outside Canada.
Also, it is possible that Express Entry may return to all-program draws
earlier if infection rates fall.

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