Employment across Canada rises by over 100,000

Canada appears to be very promising for migration as the job market and employment is showing upward trends. As a Canada Immigration Consultant in Kerala, it was astonishing to learn about the latest statistics released in December 2022 that employment in Canada rose 0.5 percent over the month with a drop in national unemployment to […]

Essential steps to write an appealing Statement of Purpose(SOP) for Canada

When you need to apply for a job then it’s pertinent that you write a job application that is effective and attracts the employer’s attention.  Similarly, when you are planning to submit a Canada study visa application, you need to have a comprehensive and attractive Statement of Purpose. This document plays a very prominent role […]

Canada clocks record-breaking numbers of welcoming over 437,000 new immigrants in 2022

Canada Immigration

It is record-breaking numbers that have come out recently from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). According to the release the number of immigrants that have been welcomed to the country exceeded over 437,000 new permanent residents in the year 2022. In our experience as one of the best Immigration Consultants in Kerala, these numbers […]

Hybrid Work Arrangements Becoming Popular As Canada Jobs Market Remains Tight

Canada Immigration Consultants in kochi

It is not surprising that the demand for skilled workers in Canada is skyrocketing and immigrants are expected to fill these jobs. According to senior economists, the number of employees who are retiring and quitting jobs is much greater in numbers than it did last year. As one of the most sort after Canada Immigration […]

Canada To Give Open Work Permits To Spouses Of Temporary Foreign Workers

Good news yet again. Canada has always been the best choice for studying abroad as well as for immigration. As a leading Canada Immigration consultant in Kerala, based on the current trend it is very evident in the growing number of migrants from all across the globe, in particular India. One of the major reasons […]

A great opportunity as Canada releases its Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

A great opportunity as Canada releases its Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025 and as one of the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kerala, we evaluate what’s in store for all those who aspire to go to make Canada their destination. Amongst the many countries, it is commendable that the Canadian economy has been able to experience […]

Need a PR in Canada? 4 easiest provinces to get PR in 2022.

Need a PR in Canada? 4 easiest provinces to get PR in 2022.

It is not a surprise that Canada is the most preferred country to migrate to for Indians. As one of the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Kerala, we took a look at the latest statistics in 2021. Canada welcomed over 405,000 immigrants which is an all-time high of which nearly one-third of these immigrants are of […]