Canada ranked as 2nd best country in the world

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In an ever-changing global landscape, the reputation of a country on the international stage can be a key indicator of its strengths and appeal. Recently, Canada achieved a remarkable milestone by being ranked as the second-best country in the world, a testament to its exceptional qualities, both in terms of its natural beauty and its […]

Banking Essentials for International Students in Canada

Banking for International studens in Canada

Studying abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience, and Canada has long been a popular destination for international students. As you embark on your academic journey in the Great White North, setting a solid financial foundation is crucial. Understanding the banking essentials will empower you to manage your finances effectively and make the most […]

Key points on Canada First ever Tech Talent Strategy

Canada First ever Tech Talent Strategy

The Canadian Government made a historic announcement on June 27, 2023, introducing its inaugural Tech Talent Strategy, which focuses on leveraging immigration to bolster the country’s tech industry. This groundbreaking strategy includes an array of ambitious enhancements to existing immigration programs and the introduction of novel initiatives designed to entice leading tech professionals to Canada. […]

10 Facts about Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit for International Students

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Dreaming of studying in Canada? Well, here’s some fantastic news for you! Canada offers an exciting opportunity for international students to gain valuable work experience after completing their studies through the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program. In this article, we will explore ten essential facts about Canada’s PGWP that every international student should know. For […]

Unveiling the New Category-Based Selection in Express Entry: Your FAQ Answered

New Category-Based Selection in Express Entry

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey to Canada as Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) unveils a groundbreaking new category-based selection process for candidates in Express Entry managed programs. This long-awaited news arrives nearly a year after the passing of a significant bill that bestowed the immigration minister with the power to invite Express […]

What is SOWP and when can you apply for SOWP?

apply for SOWP

The Spouse or Common-Law Partner Work Permit (SOWP) is a permit that enables the spouse or common-law partner of an international student or skilled worker in Canada to work in Canada for the duration of their partner’s study or work permit. As a premier Canada Immigration consultant, we will discuss what SOWP is and when […]

Canada v/s United Kingdom – Immigration in 2023

Canada v/s United Kingdom - Immigration in 2023

Canada and the United Kingdom are both popular destinations for immigrants seeking to start a new life abroad. While both countries have a lot to offer, there are differences in their immigration policies and processes. As one of the top Immigration consultants in Kerala and with our expertise in Immigration, we will compare and contrast […]

Canada breaks record by welcoming over 550,000 new international students in 2022

Canada Study Abroad

Canada has set a new record by welcoming over 550,000 new international students in 2022, marking the largest intake of international students in the country’s history. According to the recent IRCC data, it also shows Canada is now host to 807,750 international students. As a Canada Study Abroad Consultant, we have been following and noted […]