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Employment across Canada rises by over 100,000


Canada appears to be very promising for migration as the job market and employment is showing upward trends. As a Canada Immigration Consultant in Kerala, it was astonishing to learn about the latest statistics released in December 2022 that employment in Canada rose 0.5 percent over the month with a drop in national unemployment to 5.0%. The general employment trends across the country show a very healthy growth in the average hourly wages and a very conducive work environment. 

A good percentage of migrants who come to the country aspire to seek a better life with higher-paying jobs and steadier employment. With an aging population set to retire in the coming years, there is an acute shortage of labor force particularly skilled workers. 

It is also worth noting that there is an employment boom in the private sector as the recent numbers in the month of December 2022 indicate the number of employees in the private sector to have jumped by 112,000. There have also been improvements in employment outcomes for different age groups in the country with a job increase of 69,000 for people aged 24 and above and also a rise of 31,000 for those of age 55 or older.

Off all the sectors employment in the healthcare and social assistance industry fell by 17,000 jobs which indicates a drop of 0.7% over the month of December where as there has been a steady indication in employment growth in the following industries.

Construction: An increase of 2.3% in December by around 35,000 jobs.

Transportation and Warehousing: Employment increased by 29,000 jobs (3.0%) in December.

Information, Culture, and Recreation: An uptick of 3.1%. with 25,000 more job employments.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: The number of people working in this industry grew by 23,000 with a rise of over 1%

Accommodation and Food Services: 13,000 more people are working in this industry.

Public Administration: An increase of 0.9% between November and December of 2022 with a rise of 11,000 jobs

Other Services: 10,000 more people are working in this industry.

Final Thoughts: These numbers are strong indicative trends of the employment scenario in Canada as the country which is battling labor shortages see immigration as their best and instant source to get talented and skilled workforce into the country.