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Essential steps to write an appealing Statement of Purpose(SOP) for Canada


When you need to apply for a job then it’s pertinent that you write a job application that is effective and attracts the employer’s attention.  Similarly, when you are planning to submit a Canada study visa application, you need to have a comprehensive and attractive Statement of Purpose. This document plays a very prominent role in conveying and convincing the embassy about your academic and career goals in Canada.

Hence the core motive of the SOP is the communicate clearly to the admissions staff and the visa officer all about yourself and your intention for applying for a visa.

As an expert Canada Immigration Consultant in Kerala, we have made a note of the following points that you can include in your SOP checklist.

  1. A well-written, concise and clear Statement of Purpose goes a long way in communicating to the reader. Try to use bullet points with precise and equal paragraphs with approximately 150 to 200 words each. 
  2. An ideal word limit for an SOP is around 1000 to 2000 words with a maximum of two pages. It is also advisable to keep the font size at 12 points with double spaces.
  3. This is not an essay contest or a literary submission. It is an academic document hence you need to keep it as simple as possible by avoiding any fancy texts and colors. Clarity and simplicity in writing can increase your chances of getting a Canada study visa.
  4. There is a four-step approach that one can follow in writing an SOP which comprises an Introduction, Formulating Process, Concluding Process, and Proofreading. This will make your SOP the most effective. Let’s put forth certain important aspects and a step-by-step approach to writing your SOP.

Here are 5 key points to cater to.

  1. Introduction: Your introduction plays an important role in engaging the reader right from the beginning and hence it has to be eye catchy right from the first phrase by using some empowering quotes and your views points on education and study abroad.
  2. Your Educational Background and Experience: Your second paragraph should present your educational background and all the necessary content related to your academics and work experiences. It should showcase your achievements and public reports if any.
  3. Purpose and relevance: Make sure your skills and previous achievements are in sync with your study-abroad aspirations in Canada. This will help you establish credibility and can prove proper relevancy for your chosen study path.
  4. Career Goals: In the fourth paragraph you need to describe your career goals and your thorough interest in the field of study that you have chosen. You should avoid talking about the industry which you will enter after your study completion.
  5. Conclusion: Your conclusion should be as effective as your introduction and it plays a vital role in making your SOP most intriguing and convincing. Your introduction and conclusion should have a positive effect when you ask for a revert from the embassy for your Canada study visa.

Final Thoughts:

A Statement of Purpose is the most crucial and essential element while applying for a Canada study visa. Hence it is very important that one needs to put in time and expertise in creating an effective one.

If you require any inputs related to the Statement of Purpose please do not hesitate to connect with our Canada Study Abroad expert and we can help you out with all that is required.