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New pathways to PR for essential workers and graduates in Canada


It’s good news for temporary workers and graduates already in Canada.
Canada’s immigration minister has announced six entirely new
immigration programs targeting workers in 40 health care occupations
and 95 other essential occupations, international students, and French
Beginning May 6 th it will extend to early November, or sooner if the
overall quota of 90,000 is fulfilled. Marco Mendicino, Canada’s
immigration minister was of the opinion that newcomers create jobs and
growth. They give back to their community as they work and invest in
Canada. Even without permanent residence they’re reflecting the
Canadian qualities of hard work, caring and compassion.
With the ongoing pandemic, Canada has at least temporarily started
looking inward to reach its ambitious immigration targets. People outside
Canada can either wait it out or instead of waiting, they too could
become a temporary resident of Canada.
Here’s a quick look at the temporary options on offer:
Work permits
Canada is welcoming newcomers with temporary work permit programs,
❖ Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)-supported temporary
foreign worker program. Here, the employer has to showcase the
job to Canadians before a foreign worker may be hired.
❖ LMIA-exempt options such as the International Experience
Canada (IEC) program, which reopened last month. The worker
may still need a job offer.
❖ Intra-company transfers.
Study permits
In late 2020 many international students could travel to Canada due to
changes, which is now one of the world’s top study destinations.

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