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New Zealand Govt Considers Throwing Doors Open For International Students If Quarantine & Testing Facilities Are Available
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 New Zealand boasts of a $5 billion international student industry which has lost its footing due to the borders being closed to non-New Zealanders amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Even though there are a low number of Covid-19 cases, the education sector, including secondary schools, are feeling the financial crunch.

In such a situation the New Zealand Govt considers throwing doors open for international students if quarantine & testing facilities are made available. The best immigration consultants M&G brings to you an insight. Read on…

The current economic situation has made the Education Minister Chris Hipkins to declare that the Government is contemplating enabling the return of international students to New Zealand if they can be quarantined safely. This was in response to an assurance from Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Grant Guilford, who told the Epidemic Response Committee on Tuesday that international students could be quarantined at zero risk to public health.

International students are more likely to want to come to New Zealand than foreign tourists even if there were to be a 14-day quarantine on arrival. After the quarantine period, the students would not pose a threat to the wider New Zealand society if they were deemed Covid-free.

Most international students come to study here for a year or more unlike tourists who come for short visits. It is possible for the government to work along with international education providers to manage a period of quarantine at the beginning of the course so that the students can come over to New Zealand.

The Minister further emphasised that the Government is open to a concrete proposal of a quarantine-like arrangement & not a self-isolation model from the educational providers. As and when the time is right, the Government could approve mandatory, government-regulated, user-pays, quarantine facilities for students returning to New Zealand.

In fact, the Victoria University in New Zealand is all set to provide quarantine as well as Covid-19 testing for International students and have the confidence that they could do it safely with no public health risk to New Zealand.

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has declared that schools will reopen when the country moves to alert level 2. Distance learning will still be available for those students in Covid-isolation. Further guidelines are to be issued in the coming days.

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