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Study Abroad Consultations: Expectations vs Reality


Study abroad consultations: Expectations vs reality
Excited about going abroad for your studies? No doubt you are! You’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time and finally it’s happening!

Whether you decide to study in the UK, Canada, New Zealand or Australia, the expectations are of course very high! But take a reality check! Do a complete research on the culture, student life, the university and other matters. Study abroad consultants makes these expectations vs reality checks possible and will be able to lead you through the whole process.
Here’s an insight on Studying Abroad: Expectations vs. Reality by the best Immigration Consultants..

Expectation – The new country will be a paradise come true!
Reality – Not possible of course! Each country has its own set of problems and issues. You’ll have to make the best of what is available. As a student studying abroad will not be smooth sailing for you and better to be prepared to face some challenges.

Expectation – Students can earn and learn
Reality – Most students think that they will work part-time and earn something extra while studying abroad! But it’s a real tough job managing both study and a part-time job at the same time. You’ll have to make sure it won’t affect your studies.

Expectation – Easily master the local Language
Reality – A difficult task indeed for a new student! For the past years of your student life you were using your local language and English language, then a sudden change to a different language altogether is no easy task! It takes time, but you can do it! It’s better to start learning days ahead & make your prospects brighter.

Expectation – Easily make friends in a different country
Reality – Not easily possible! Most of the students are extremely wary and careful in making friends. But you should not give up. Making a new friend can help you to get a real good experience in knowing the culture, food, language and many other things. Above all that you’ll have someone to approach or stand up for you when you need help.

Expectation – Getting PR is easy
Reality – It’s real tough nowadays! Most countries are putting up strict Immigration laws. You’ll need to find a job yourself and start as an intern. Later the company will decide to absorb you or not. Plus, a job doesn’t guarantee immigration in some countries. But in countries like Canada & Australia getting PR is relatively easy.

Reliable Study Abroad & immigration consultants like MandG make things easy for you. Get in touch with us to know more!