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What Everyone is Saying About Migrating to Canada and What You Should Do
migrate to Canada


Canada seems to be the dream destination for many Indians! The number of Indians migrating to Canada has doubled in the recent three years. The increased restrictions on immigration by the Trump government in the United States might be one reason for this…

As the country is a beautiful place with a secure and bankable economy for immigrants, life in Canada is going to be loaded with opportunities and excitement. Apart from that, the government of Canada goes the extra mile to welcome immigrants and their families into the various provinces of Canada. If you decide to migrate to Canada, there are many other things that you need to be aware of and do to avoid any hassles in the future. Here is an insight into the things to do by the expert Migration consultants – M&G World!

Be ready with the proper credentials & certificates 

Even though immigration laws in Canada seem to favour immigrants, fake certificates or credentials are certainly not welcome! It can be anything like deportation/fine/jail term if you are found guilty. You cannot even apply for a job or higher education in Canada & you may lose your citizenship in the country.

Apply for Permanent Residency & a social insurance number 

Permanent residents of Canada get to enjoy benefits like healthcare, insurance cover and the privilege to move anywhere within the country. Hence, you must apply for a permanent residency & social insurance number as soon as you become eligible for it. 

Figure out where to start after migration

Before you migrate to Canada, it is always good to tot up basic things like your stay, logistics, food supplies and financials to get through the initial stages of setting up your life in Canada. 

Ensure proficiency in local language

English is absolutely essential for getting immigration in Canada and you must be at least CLB 6 or higher in the IELTS score to be qualified to apply.

Come prepared with medicines

If you have any medical condition, come prepared with at least three months’ supply of your prescribed medicines so that you have things covered until your health insurance cover starts. 
Do not get carried away with what everyone is saying about migrating to Canada. An experienced Canada Migration Consultant can be of help to support you in the documentation, immigration procedure, and career planning in Canada. Contact us at M&G World to know more.