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Study Costs in Canada

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Costs of Studying in Canada

Studying abroad can be expensive, but Canada offers relatively low tuition rates for international students compared to the U.K., Australia and the U.S.

1. Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Canada vary by institution, province and course to course, but the cost is more affordable. On an average, an international student needs to pay a minimum of C$14,000 (approx) to as high as C$40,000 per year.Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate studies and they can be helpful covering tuition fees in Canada, and some of them also cover living expenses. Start early to search for scholarships or grants, it takes time to gather all the documents and prepare an outstanding application.

2. Student living costs in Canada

Living costs in Canada are a bit above average, but the high quality of life is guaranteed. You would need a minimum amount of 1,000-1,200 CAD/month for most of the provinces.

3. Accommodation costs

There are many housing options to choose from in Canada, and an equally diverse price range.
The main housing options for students in Canada are:

  • Student residences: prices are between 250 – 625 CAD/month
  • University-provided home stays usually: rates start from 400 and can lead to 800 CAD/month.
  • Share an apartment: 250 – 700 CAD/month, prices for rent depend on location and facilities.

4. Food costs

You won’t spend too much on food bills, just around 200-250 CAD/month for shopping from the local supermarkets and groceries.

5. Transportation costs

Students enrolled in a Canadian university aged between 18 and 25 will benefit from discounts when purchasing the monthly transport pass.


Other than tuition fees, an international student would need to pay institution administration fees of around C$100, international student application fees from around C$100 to 200(optional), compulsory fees for student services of C$500- 1,000 and processing fees for a study permit (currently C$150).

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