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Canada To Give Open Work Permits To Spouses Of Temporary Foreign Workers


Good news yet again. Canada has always been the best choice for studying abroad as well as for immigration. As a leading Canada Immigration consultant in Kerala, based on the current trend it is very evident in the growing number of migrants from all across the globe, in particular India. One of the major reasons is due to the very conducive Immigration policies and announcements the country has been making post-Covid.  The country is facing a major shortage in the workforce, especially in the skilled labor sector. This situation has urged the government to bring in more relaxation and helpful policy changes for many migrants who are in the country either for studies or work. 

One such policy which will be considered a huge relief for many is the recent immigration policy introduced by the Canadian Government. According to this new announcement, the government will expand its work permit eligibility to the family members of Open Work Permit (OWP) holders from January 2023. This will include all families of workers in sectors like healthcare, trades, and hospitality. It is learned to impact approximately 200,000 foreign workers and their family members. 

Accordion to Sean Fraser the country is expanding work permits for family members accompanying the principal applicant to Canada. This will help in addressing the labour shortages many employers in the country are facing as employers across the country continue to identify the lack of workers as their biggest challenge.

Previously spouses were only eligible for a work permit if the principal applicant was working in a high-skill occupation. This measure also aims to improve the emotional well-being and financial stability of many migrants in the country ensuring that their families are together. 

Hence starting from January 2023 with a temporary two-year measure to expand eligibility to work in the country to spouses and working-age children through a phased approach for workers at all skill levels. This measure will be planned and implemented in three phases to ensure its successful rolling out.

Final Thoughts:

This is one of the best announcements of late by the Canadian government as it will allow many migrants to ensure financial stability even their spouses being able to support the family. This is also going to be a huge boost for employers in Canada as they will have an ample workforce to recruit at any level of skill.