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Canada widens permanent residency norms for 16 new occupations with the TEER system.
Canada Immigration


It is a significant relief and a welcome decision for all as Canada has decided to widen permanent residency norms with the new TEER system. As one of the best Canada Immigration consultants in Kerala, we can say that it is the best time for those who aspire to fly to Canada and settle in Canada can now bank on more opportunities opened up.

Canada has introduced the new Teer system by which it has added 16 new occupations to the list of professions that will be eligible for permanent residence in the country. This is seen as a major move to bring in skilled labor force into Canada in view to tackle the labor shortages the country is facing presently in particular key sectors like healthcare, construction, and transportation.

It is not unknown that the country is facing serious labor shortages and the government is well aware that if the Canadian economy has to progress then it has to get new skilled workforce. According to Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship these changes will try to support Canadians in need of these services. With this initiative, many employers will be supported with a better and more robust workforce. This will be the key driver of the country’s economy to a stable and prosperous future.

The revised National Occupation Classification (NOC) which is effective from the 16th of November has opened up doors to permanent residency under the Express Entry route for 16 new occupations. This will bring in global talent in various high-demand sectors like health care, construction, and transportation. Express Entry is Canada’s flagship point-based mechanism for all skilled individuals who aspire to migrate to Canada on a longer-term basis.

Let us take a look in more detail regarding the new TEER system and the various occupations that have been classified.

Under the NOC-2016 the jobs were classified under major four categories of skill level structure. A, B, C D. In contrast to this the new TEER system classifies jobs into 6 TEER levels that range from zero to five. The TEER zero will have the highest requirements and the TEER five will represent the lowest level of requirements.

As per the new NOC 2021 nurse aides, hospital attendants, long-term care aides, elementary and secondary school teacher assistants, and transport truck drivers have all been included in the 16 occupants in the Express Entry.

Here are the various 16 occupations that are a part of the TEER system classifications.

Foreign nationals with work experience in the following 16 occupations are now eligible to apply through Express Entry:

  1. Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants
  2. Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates
  3. Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants
  4. Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants
  5. Sheriffs and Bailiffs
  6. Correctional service officers
  7. By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers
  8. Estheticians, electrologists, and related occupations
  9. Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  10. Pest controllers and fumigators
  11. Other repairers and servicers
  12. Transport truck drivers
  13. Bus drivers, subway operators, and other transit operators
  14. Heavy equipment operators
  15. Aircraft assemblers
  16. Aircraft assembly inspectors

Final thoughts:

Many Canadian worker’s associations have applauded this move and seen it as a very important step toward reducing the shortage of skilled labor forces in major sectors. It has been an urgent need for the country and a necessary one if the Canadian economy has to get its feet on development paths. 

For all who want to take this opportunity and get set with your plans to migrate to Canada then all you have to do is to talk to our Canada Immigration consultant at M&G and we can help you out with all that is required to get you there.