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Extended work rights for International Students in Australia
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The number of Indian students abroad is growing rapidly as many aspire to fly to other countries for their higher education. According to the latest research conducted it is estimated 1.8 million Indians will be spending close to US$85 billion on overseas education by the year 2024.  This makes India second to China when it comes to the student population pursuing international courses for international careers. One of the many driving forces for Indian students is the global professional opportunities and world-class universities available.

In the first three months of 2022, the number of students who left India for academic pursuits is estimated to be around 1,33,135 which means an overall increase of 41% from last year. Also, it is interesting to know that of the most popular and preferred destinations for study Australia ranks in 3rd position. From the total number of students, there are 66,00 Indian students who applied for Study Abroad in Australia until March of which around 25,000 of them have been accepted by Australia. This sees a sharp increase from 2021 when only 15,310 permits were approved.

The above numbers show the rising preference for many Indian students who aspire to study in Australia and now there is great news for such international students in Australia. The Australian government announced on September 1, a post-study work right extension that will allow qualified international student graduates to stay and work in Australia for an extra two years. This is definitely a piece of life-changing news for every student in Australia studying in-demand skills. This extension applies to all international students in areas of verified skills shortages. Some of the relevant areas include Accounting, Engineering, Nursing, and Information Technology. It will give students more time to find a job in Australia and utilize their acquired skills gained while studying in Australia.

These changes will be applicable to those completing the courses in the present financial year and it is also expected that the project will be implemented in a way that will cover the coming years as well. Let’s take a look at some of the key points pertaining to this project.

  1. Those selected undergraduate degrees will offer foreign students four-year post-study work permission. The current work permission limit is of two years.
  2. Those selected graduates with Ph.D. degrees will now be able to work for up to six years in Australia. The current limit permission is of four years.
  3. The selected post-graduate degrees will be provided with five years of work experience after their graduation. The limit currently is only three years.

The above two years extension gives the qualifying graduates ample time to work in their field of experience and to launch their international careers in Australia.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you are a current international student in Australia or one who is considering Australia as your study abroad destination this post-study work visa extension is an excellent opportunity. It is worth not losing such a golden chance and getting ready to fly to Australia.