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10 easy steps in UK

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Easy Steps?

Step 1: Plan your Studies, Counselling and Assessment

The first and important step is the Planning- it may include making a list of all those universities you crave to get in according to your field of interest. Our expert Counsellors will counsel you based on your academic background, work experience, course entry requirements, extra-curricular interests and budget. They will also assess your eligibility for student visa and inform you about additional entry requirements for your course such as IELTS/GMAT.

Step 2: Application Submission

Our documentation staff will help you to compile your application documents and complete your application forms. Applications will usually be sending to the institutions according to their norms. The progress of your application will also be monitored and tracked by the documentation staff and providing you the updates when received.

Step 3: Accept offer

Upon receiving your offer letters, you will be guided on how to accept the offer letter and how to move forward in terms of documentation that needs to be sent to the institution.

Step 4: Scholarships

Scholarships in the UK are more widely available for students applying to graduate program than undergraduate. It may be partial amount or a country bursary. Our Documentation staff will inform you about the scholarship opportunities and requirements and the deadlines according to the offer letter which you received from the university.

Step 5: Pay tuition fee or deposit & arranging the Living Cost

You may need to pay a deposit towards the tuition fee to fulfil the conditions of the offer letter and to secure the Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) from the institution in order to apply the visa.

You must have enough money to support yourself whilst studying in the UK. The money that
you will need for living costs will depend on the length of your course and where you will
study it.

Step 6: CAS from institution

After arranging the financial Documents and the tuition fee payment, the institution will issue a document by the name Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Step 7: Police Clearance Certificate & Medical

You have to get the Police Clearance Certificate and if you are from a region where you have to take the tuberculosis (TB) test, you have to submit your medical reports

Step 8: Apply for student visa

Our Documentation Staff will check all your Academic, personal and financial documents and assist you with the online visa application form and will help you to make an appointment at the visa application centre for you.

Step 9: Organisation of travel & Accommodation

While your student visa is being confirmed you will receive assistance with the accommodation and travel arrangements to the UK. Our staff will give you guidance on oncampus or off-campus accommodation based on your preference and budget.

Step 10: Pack your Bags and Be Ready to Fly!!

Now you are almost done for your study in UK. We will organise a Pre Departure Briefing to prepare you for all your travel needs to UK as an international student

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