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Study Costs in UK

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Costs of Studying in UK

Studying in the UK is good value for money – costs here are lower than in both the USA and Australia and given that degree programs are often shorter than those at home, you will receive fantastic value for money.

Course fees

If you are starting a new course, you must show that you have enough money to pay for your course fees for the first year of your course or for the entire course, if it is less than a year long.
According to research by HSBC, the average annual costs for international students were:

  • $30,325 in the UK
  • $35,705 in the USA
  • $38,516 in Australia.

Accommodation and living costs in the UK

In addition to the tuition fees mentioned above, you should also consider accommodation and living costs. There will be the option to choose the On-campus accommodation in most of the Universities but the international students has to apply for the prior bookings by the accommodation deadline.

Money you will need for living costs

You must have enough money to support yourself whilst studying in the UK. The money that you will need for living costs will depend on the length of your course and where you will study it.
You must show that you have:

  • £1,265 per month for living costs if you are studying in ? London for the majority of your study (more than 50% of your study time);
  • £1,015 per month for living costs if you are studying outside London or anywhere else in the UK for the majority of your study (more than 50% of your study time).

Scholarships at UK universities & Discounts

Scholarships in the UK are more widely available for students applying to graduate program than undergraduate. However, these do not typically cover the entire cost of tuition fees and/or living expenses. Once you have identified your academic area of interest your Advisor can offer you support and advice regarding any scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. The National Union of Students card and the International Student Identity Card offer great student discounts in many shops, restaurants and businesses.

Work opportunities while you study in Britain

You can work for up to 20 hours a week while you study in the UK. Normal hourly pay is $10-$12. Each university has a careers center that can assist you in looking for part time employment.

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